Build Over Power Hero Popol and Kupa

Back Story!

Popol and Kupa are new heroes owned by a wolf partner who will help him attack and defend (hunters with pets). The characteristics of these heroes are not the same as Zhask’s, their role depends on help (wolf / seedling) and the hero himself does not have significant and vulnerable damage related to ganks.Just like when playing Zhask, we need to keep a safe distance when attacking, let our partners attack in front and we take cover in the back, the difference between Popol and Zhask is we have to launch basic attacks or skills 1 Awakening Kupa (wolf) wants to attack the target so positioning is very important when playing Popol and Kupa. Without much ado following complete tutorials on the main ways Popol and Kupa start from the strengths and weaknesses of this hero.

Offensive Build


Bruiser Build



Recommended Spells


Recommended Emblems



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